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European Trade, Tourism, and Trade Schools

This week on Mean, Median, and Moose, all things European! Canada-Europe Trade Statistics Canada provides detailed information on goods and services trade between Canada and its trading partners throughout the world. Let’s take a look at trade with Europe. Trade in Services  The UK is the standout in terms of services trade with Canada -…

Sneakerwaves, Storms, and Surprises

Today on Mean, Median and Moose, we have data on climate, disasters, and the weather. Car accidents and the weather The Transport Canada National Collision Database provides detailed statistics for Canadian motor vehicle accidents for the period between 1999 to 2019. There are a variety of measures you can slice and dice the data on…

Cars, Cash, and Coefficients

This month on Mean, Median, and Moose we look at a smorgasbord of economic indicators! New Motor Vehicle Sales If you drive past your local auto dealer regularly, you might notice how many cars are or not on the lot over the span of a few months. Sales of new motor vehicles is a key…