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Cars, Cash, and Coefficients

This month on Mean, Median, and Moose we look at a smorgasbord of economic indicators! New Motor Vehicle Sales If you drive past your local auto dealer regularly, you might notice how many cars are or not on the lot over the span of a few months. Sales of new motor vehicles is a key…

Social Media in Canada

This month we are looking at data on social media in Canada. Social Media in Canada in 2022 Social media has continuously evolved since its inception, from the early days of Friendster and MySpace to the platforms of today. The Social Media Lab at the Toronto Metropolitan University studies this evolution and its implications for…

Twelve Datasets of Christmas 2022

It’s Christmas at Mean, Median and Moose! That means we’ll stretch ourselves to finding twelve Christmas related data sets. Let’s see what we managed to find this year! If you want to see 2021’s charts you can find them here. iTunes Charts Let’s start with looking at the top 10 ranked movies on iTunes over…