Reviewing and Ranking Referendums

This month we talk a look at provincial and national referendums in Canada. For this month’s podcast we compiled a list of all the provincial and national referendums in Canada that we could find. You would think a list like this would be easy to find, but it wasn’t. We managed to find some resourcesContinue reading “Reviewing and Ranking Referendums”

Election Data Roundup

In this post we have a grab-bag of election related topics to go through. The first two deal with data on the results of the 2021 election. The third topic is about indigenous representation in the house of commons. And the last topic is on methods for comparing data on voting polls between elections. CombiningContinue reading “Election Data Roundup”

Comparing Ontario Cities

In today’s post we’ll look at Ontario city population growth projections and then talk about comparing financial data between cities. Ministry of Finance Population Projections Our post is city themed, but we’re going to cheat a little by comparing census divisions rather than municipalities but the population growth numbers coming out of the Ministry ofContinue reading “Comparing Ontario Cities”

Ticks, Telecoms, and Trails

Today on Mean, Median, and Moose, we look at eight legged blood suckers, phone company cell coverage, self reported bike accidents, and community edited maps! What do these data sets have in common? They’re all involving data collected by volunteers in the general public. eTick eTick is a collaboration of a variety of universities, publicContinue reading “Ticks, Telecoms, and Trails”

Arenas, Aliens, and Animal Crossing

This month in Mean, Median, and Moose, we take a look at Canadian’s close encounters in their spare time. From body checking hockey players, to bluff charging bears. From playing space invaders to sighting them, we’ve got you covered. Leisure Infrastructure Infrastructure matters when it comes to leisure activities. If there is no bike trail,Continue reading “Arenas, Aliens, and Animal Crossing”

Public Consultations in Canada

Today on Mean, Median, and Moose we’re talking about public consultations! Keep reading for some data on those. Take a listen to the podcast for a great interview with Nader Shureih of Environics Analytics. Also, if you want to know how we build some of our maps, you can watch a tutorial on DeckGL hereContinue reading “Public Consultations in Canada”

Crime, Courts, and Constables

This month we’re taking a look at criminal justice data in Canada. Justice is an area that has long been subject to statistical methods. Police statistics on crime were first published in Canada in 1921. These statistics were spotty and not generally comparable from year to year until the Uniform Crime Reporting System came intoContinue reading “Crime, Courts, and Constables”

Open Data in the NFP/Charitable Sector

Canada is home to over 170,000 not-for-profits. Just over half of these are registered charities. The vast majority of them are small – less than 10% of charities have 10 or more full time staff, and 79% of charities have less than $500,000.00 per year in funding. The Canadian Senate produced a report on theContinue reading “Open Data in the NFP/Charitable Sector”

Rankings, Restaurants, and Robots

Our fourth podcast! This month we have some fun and build our own city rankings, take a look at rankings of cities and regions in Canada, and look at data and tools released from Statistics Canada that you may have missed. Ranking Cities on Business Counts Before we get into the rankings by the professionals,Continue reading “Rankings, Restaurants, and Robots”